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At Outside Communications, our goal is to make clients successful, not to blindly check off to-do list items. We exist to serve, not to finish a job because we have to. Because of this, we desire to build long-term relationships, refining and creatively maintaining every client’s unique vision for success. To achieve this goal, we are dedicated to meticulously tailoring our services for each customer. Whether it means working through simple projects for start-up companies or overseeing multi-faceted branding for large corporations, Outside Communications works with a heart to serve.
Great teams consist of individuals who selflessly contribute their strengths towards a common goal. Because no individual possesses the best of everything for every project, we value the strength and synergy of collaboration. Bringing together a dynamic collection of wit, creativity, work ethic, pragmatism and passion, our team members use their diverse backgrounds and qualifications to contribute to our customers’ satisfaction.

Let us serve you.

The Team

Lance Fisher

Lance Fisher


As Project Manager for Outside Communications, Lance Fisher works with our customers and team to accomplish our client's project goals. From team collaboration to customer communication, Lance's day consists of conference calls and in person discussions that are all about meeting our clients needs at the highest possible level. Passionate by nature, Lance uses his work ethic and enthusiasm to help our team and customers get the most out of the project. If you like working 18 hours a day and are looking for a friend to text with early in the morning, Lance is your guy.

    Rachel Jones

    Rachel Jones


    As Video Production Coordinator for Outside Communications, Rachel Jones comes to the table eager to create a beautiful and compelling piece of art to fulfill and help refine each client's vision. Often she can be found in front of a computer--or buried in piles of sticky notes and a rainbow of highlighters--analyzing, researching and crafting stories for video. Her role also includes wrangling cameras and lights to communicate ideas ranging from the informative to the emotive and the combinations in between. Her commitment to excellence and integrity are a powerful addition to the team.

      Jim Allison

      Jim Allison


      Creating purposeful and effective visual communications has been Jim’s professional focus for more than 25 years. As creative director and senior designer for Outside Communications, Jim provides oversight on all brand management and implementation with the sole purpose of exceeding client expectations for clear and measurable positive impact.

        Jason Dreher

        Jason Dreher


        Working as a developer for Outside Communications, Jason is responsible for building the code behind the scenes and working as a technical advisor. After meeting with the design team and the customer to define the project goals, Jason will take the concepts and ideas that were created during the planing stage and implement them into a functioning website using a variety of technologies.


          Our clients show up with a variety of needs. For some, it’s an extensive brand recalibration with a multitude of individual components. For others, it’s a single project of critical importance. No matter what your needs are, Outside Communications will work in tandem with your project goals to provide superb results. Let our team become a part of yours for the image and presence that your company desires.


          Video Production can be a small or large part of any business or product's communications plan. From large documentary projects to television commercials to web content, compelling videography carries a message to customers in a unique and powerful way.


          Websites today operate as marketing hubs for products and services, allowing even the smallest of companies to level the playing field with the big boys. Tech-savvy web development and up-to-date maintenance is imperative for today's businesses.



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