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Google’s Title Tag Changes: What SMBs Need To Know

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with George Nguyen, an editor at Third Door Media who writes for Search Engine Land and MarTech. We discussed Google’s newest unexpected change that is a big deal in the SEO world: significantly changing titles as they appear in search results. George shared insights into what is […]

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Google’s Core Web Vitals for SMBs: A Conversation with Patrick Stox

As always, Google is making changes and updating how they rank websites. But right now, the big news has been around their Page Experience Update, which is rolling out in its most current state, this month. To gain more insight on what this means for small businesses, I met with Ahref’s Patrick Stox: a product […]

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Google’s FLoC: Insights for SMBs

 Right now, the buzz around privacy is more of a roar. Third-party cookies, which allow advertisers to reach specific individuals, are soon to disappear. To many, this privacy-conscious move is long overdue. At the same time, advertisers are looking for alternate ways to best reach their intended audiences. In response to both, Google has […]

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What Companies Miss Without a PPC Strategy

PPC advertising–or paid ads–are a fantastic tool for generating conversions, leads and sales. They require a company to pay some amount of money in return for incoming revenue. When done right, PPC advertising is like hiring a salesperson who works for you 24/7. Paid ad campaigns are all about getting in front of the customer […]

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What are you gripping?

The other day, I listened to a sermon by John Mark Comer of Bridgetown Church in Portland.  In the context of “simplicity,” he talked about “gripping”–holding on tightly to the things that mattered most. He challenged the concept and urged listeners to loosen their grip on “the things of this world.”  I’ve thought about this […]

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Website Redesign- 5 Things to Consider

It’s a scenario we hear over and over again: your website is old and tired. Its design and development issues are probably a source of heartburn. There’s a good chance you weren’t happy with the site when you completed it the last time, but it is certainly better than nothing. Now, it’s a new day […]

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SEO and JavaScript Website Development

Everything moves quickly in the digital marketing world. The techniques we use to reach people, technical SEO, and even the apps and software that help us accomplish these tasks are evolving too fast for most businesses to keep up. And because we continue to require more of the web, development languages and techniques are also […]

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Local Search and Physical Bounce Rates

You don’t need to be a digital marketing professional to know that Google’s local search results are a big deal for businesses that deliver services and products to local audiences. Where a business shows up in the local search results could offer a big boost in business – for your company or your competitor’s, whichever […]

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HTTPS- time is running out to make the switch

As part of the SEO work that we do for our digital marketing customers, we recently finished converting our remaining clients websites to HTTPS. Google has been pushing for property owners to secure their sites for at least a year and we’re getting to a point where Google is going to quit asking and simply throw […]

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