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Branding is More Than a Logo

Guest Post by Dan Friess: For many in the business world “brand” is still a bit of a mystery. At its most basic understanding, many people think a brand is merely a logo. Jump back to yesteryear to a time when cowboys and Indians roamed the wild west. Ranchlands filled vast chunks of the midwestern […]

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Mobile-First Indexing- Is your website ready?

I heard from amazing thought leaders at this year’s SMX West conference. You learn all sorts of new information at SMX from people who are cutting-edge and who share unique and interesting angles on trends and changes ahead in the digital marketing world. Usually, you take away only one or two things from these events […]

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Website Page Speed- Why the Obsession?

It was late 2014, and we were asked to design and develop a site for a prominent fishing boat manufacturer. The client wanted a unique and captivating website, and we were excited about the many possibilities. They wanted it to be good and had given us permission to do whatever we needed to make it happen. […]

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How Design and Copywriting Make Your Custom Website Sing

Planning a new custom website or revitalizing an old one is a collaborative process among clients, copywriters and web designers. Clients usually have ideas for how they want their websites to appear. Messaging, functions and inspiration from other sites may get the creative juices flowing.  But what happens when the rubber meets the road? After we’ve […]

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Lost Opportunities? Your Website May be the Culprit

We’ve been on autopilot at Outside Communications since going to ICAST in 2012. A few of us showed up and began creating videos and write-ups for top brands in fishing. Since then, we’ve had a steady stream of work and have been fortunate to work with some really cool companies. When we started, our own […]

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