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Q&A Rich Results On Google Now Available Through Structured Data!

Google just announced yet another type of rich result to better serve their users: Q&A results. These results will look something like this example from Google on mobile: SEO is changing dramatically with AI and a more technically oriented algorithm prevailing. Answering questions through FAQ’s has always been an important way to help customers. Now, […]

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“Nobody Cares About Your Content”

Part 3 of my top three takeaways from the 2018 Digital Summit Portland’s 2-day Digital Summit left a deep impression on this nerdy project manager from Lake Oswego. I’m excited to share my personal top three digital marketing takeaways from the 2018 Summit. My first takeaway was all about mobile, and what it means for […]

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Intent-based search is getting smarter, but still needs our help

Part 2 of my top three takeaways from the 2018 Digital Summit An important part of staying up to date with our work is attending events like the Digital Summit in Portland. This year’s Digital Summit did not disappoint, as thought leaders and professionals from diverse industries gathered to tackle digital marketing ideas. Not surprisingly, […]

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Mobile is key for SEO

Mobile and SEO: Part 1 of my top three takeaways from the 2018 Digital Summit Staying up-to-date on trends in digital marketing as it relates to the SEO services we provide to our customers is important to us at Outside Communications. Often, the events we attend require travel. This week, it was nice to stay […]

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Why Video is (Nearly Always) the Best Form of Content Creation

Yes, video is worth your time. I’m not writing this just because I personally believe that video is just about always the best form of content creation. I admit it! I may be a little obsessed. However, a huge chunk of the internet is backing me up. Believe me, whether or not you love video […]

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