For the second year running, Outside Communications had the privilege of working with Airefco to film, photograph, and provide video and branding services for their 2019 Dealer Meeting. We helped Airefco shape their purpose by listening to and understanding the value they wanted to bring in the finished videos, photography, content, and branding. To make it all happen, preparation was key.

In the months leading up to the event, we worked closely with Airefco’s marketing department to develop event branding. We dug into the goals for the event, for the coming year, and how all of the pieces would best come together into an impactful experience for attendees.

Once the event specifics were nailed down, we worked with the Airefco marketing department event to create video features that would introduce the couple days of event training and festivities. We also planned a studio photography setup in the lobby, and determine what we’d film and how we would approach all aspects of recording the event.

For the two days of the four-day event we filmed, we brought together three cameras on tripods to record keynotes, breakout sessions, and various event clips for future use. For half of each day, we brought in a camera on a gimbal, for more dynamic moving shots to integrate with the more static content. We also set up studio lighting in the lobby for photography.

The event was a great success, and we were able to provide Airefco with all of the video and photo assets they needed. We packaged up 33 videos in password protected albums for Airefco to have easy access for ongoing use. We also pulled together clips from each event to create save-the-date videos for next year’s event.

By listening to and understanding Airefco’s needs and goals, we helped them grow and shape their goals and purpose, exceeding their expectations and becoming a trusted partner for future projects. We are very excited to help bring the 2020 event to life!

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