We were excited to partner with Marketing Concepts Northwest (MCNW) on an update of their brand and the creation of a new website–the first major step in expanding their digital presence.

MCNW is a manufacturer’s representative with 60 years of expertise in product placement, both in traditional retail stores like Kroger, Costco and Bi-Mart and through online sales channels such as Amazon.

While a handshake and an in-person connection are still important, regional location is becoming less so in the era of online sales. MCNW was in need of a new digital footprint to better connect with customers, both regionally and beyond.

We believe in starting every partnership with a conversation for potential. We sat down with MCNW leadership to explore and extract what potential this digital infrastructure could realize for their business; ultimately, it would be a launch point for a whole new level of brand visibility, and would serve to expand MCNW’s ability to provide their peerless expertise to a vast arena of new customers.

With this vision in mind, we got to work on the first step: creating a new website and brand experience that could set the stage for the future of the brand’s expansion and evolution.

The leadership wanted a website that looked good, worked perfectly, was scalable and could stand the test of time. As many companies do, MCNW used templates in their previous web build, which often come with design constraints. To remedy this, our team created mockups of every single web template and stand-alone page and revised them in partnership with MCNW leadership until everyone was happy with the outcome.

Though a process like this is more involved than using pre-made templates, the results are excellent. The company will be able to enjoy many more years of life out of their website, which is important as it will serve as a launchpoint for future marketing efforts. Our website development process is the same for projects of any scale—whether for a Fortune 500 company or a small regional business—and is reliable for delivering a superb result.

We greatly enjoyed working with Marketing Concepts Northwest on this next evolution of their digital footprint.

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