Targeted Advertising

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With today’s niche mediums, we can target specific demographics, companies, job titles and behaviors like never before. From online opportunities to traditional forms, strategies can be developed to meet customers where they are.

Our ability to both target and measure results allows our customers to realize higher ROI’s.

  • Account-Based Targeting is a very effective B2B strategy based on industries and companies you may want to target.
  • Retargeting based on recent web visits or downloads to and from your company.
  • Demographic Targeting is based on age, location, gender, and other core demographics.
  • Interest-Based Targeting is based on likes, preferences, and other indicators of interest.
  • Behavioral Targeting is based on purchasing activities, traveling activities, and more.
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Digital Advertising

To say that we live in a digital world might be an understatement. The average adult now spends more than 9 hours every day in front of a screen. Of those, 5 hours occur on mobile devices, and more than two hours are devoted to social media alone.

The digital advertising landscape holds endless opportunities with various Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) avenues including Google Adwords, Outbrain, display advertising networks, social media advertising, and even niche sites. We are here to help you navigate which digital avenue, if any, is right for your company. Whatever you decide, we can help you implement strategies with measurable ROI.

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Optimize Your Budget Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, has become a dominant form of online marketing budget optimization. You only pay when someone is actually interested enough in your message to click on your ad. An effective message can thus minimize your advertising costs, even with
a relatively broad target.

On the other hand, PPC requires constant optimization. Your budget will be best spent if you continually run different versions of ads against each other, and optimize your message over time to minimize cost while maximizing effectiveness. We’re here to help you as much or as little as needed to make sure your PPC campaigns are on track.

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Leverage the Power of Search Engines Through Google AdWords

Google is the single most popular website on earth today. Naturally, your advertising strategy needs to account for that. Through Google AdWords, you can plan, place, and manage your search engine ads in a way that increases impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Use the platform’s keyword tool to find your ideal targets. Target individual keywords or keyword groups relevant to your audience. Run multiple ads and determine success over time. Track the success of your ads through your visitor funnel. Advertisers on the platform are increasing their ad spend every year, and seeing better clicks and conversions as a result.

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Satisfy Visual Preferences Through Display Ads

At our core, we’re visual beings. An image, video, or animation will always speak more to us than text ever could. That’s one of the reasons display ads are so effective, as they bring images to the websites that your customers frequent. Through avenues such as Google’s Display Network, we can target based on keywords, retargeting, or a custom audience list. We will help you optimize your display ads and integrate them into your larger advertising strategy.

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Start Customer Conversations on Social Media

When your audience is not searching for keywords on Google, chances are they’re on their favorite social media platform. The reason so many marketers see a positive or strongly positive ROI on social media is that it has become a natural setting for your potential customers – and the targeting opportunities are immense.

Your exact strategy should differ depending on whether you want to reach and convert business customers in a B2B industry, or consumers in a B2C environment.

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Reach Business Customers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides our Business to Business (B2B) customers great opportunities to reach their customers. Much of Linkedin’s effectiveness starts with the ability for customers to search and find services they need. Couple the effectiveness of customer search with the ability to execute account-based campaigns, and a company is left with a valuable source of leads. Another beneficial aspect of LinkedIn is the ability to stay in front of your most important audience: your existing customers.

Whether outlining an internal process that helps your team engage customers, or creating measurable campaigns, we’re here to help you develop an effective strategy, message, and target to achieve success on LinkedIn.

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Engage Consumers on Facebook Twitter

Consumers, of course, spend more time on Facebook than any other network. But they also enjoy secondary channels, like Twitter or LinkedIn. Which network (or networks) your advertising efforts should focus on depends entirely on your target audience and business goals.

Facebook holds potential for immense success. But for your niche audience, Twitter might result in better ROI. It’s all about making educated targeting decisions to optimize your paid social media strategy over time.

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Traditional Advertising Channels

Traditional advertising includes Television, Print and Radio. For many businesses these channels are significant revenue generators with surprisingly measurable ROI. Even in the wake of technological advances, traditional advertising is still an essential aspect of many advertising efforts.

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Tap Into the Enduring Power of TV

Through TV ads, a business can reach millions of potential customers in their living rooms. The targeting is not as exact, but you can still narrow your demographic focus based on the geographic areas and channels where your ads show. At the appropriate budget, television advertising can be impressively cost effective. In fact, in some cases, TV is still the most effective advertising medium. Creatively combining television with digital efforts is often a great choice for ROI, with surprisingly measurable results.

And don’t forget to consider advertising opportunities on streaming channels, such as Amazon Prime and Hulu. These can further enhance your TV strategy. We will work with you to make sure your broadcast and streaming budget is effectively spent.

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Expand Your Reach With Radio

Radio remains a powerful channel to reach commuters and other drivers. For local markets and the right customer, we feel like radio is still one of the best forms of advertising available. For national reach, radio is also a great way to reach millions of potential customers. And while radio has changed, it is still a very valuable form of advertising and capable of being highly targetable and trackable.

Audio streaming has given us even more radio advertising options. Through services like Spotify and Pandora, you can deliver specifically targeted advertising messages. Outside Communications can help you determine whether or not radio fits into your marketing mix, and how you can optimize your efforts in this channel.


Make a Lasting Impact Through Print Advertising

While it is our opinion that print advertising is steadily decreasing with the emerging options in digital, print advertising can be an important part of some businesses’ marketing mix.

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Your Advertising Strategy

All of the aforementioned channels have their place in advertising. Your business, however, is unique. A strategy that is great for a pharmaceutical company is radically different from a strategy for an international manufacturer. Your efforts should target your customer base, with an eye towards overall sales functions. Let Outside Communications partner with you to drive creative, memorable campaign strategies that are grounded in the fundamentals of conversion tracking and a focus on ROI.

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