Content Creation

Content Creation

A lot of brands and businesses embraced this idea long ago, learning to view digital marketing as more than an effective revenue generator.

They consistently tap into digital marketing’s ability to establish authority and relevance while staying connected with customers, leads and fans.

These companies find ways to create content regularly or partner with an agency to do so. If this is you, and you’re looking for a new partner to help create amazing content, drop us a line!

Other brands and businesses see the value in creating content but lack the means to generate it on their own at the frequency, variety and quality their business needs. If this scenario sounds familiar, there is hope! We’ve partnered with many businesses who had no experience in the content creation world and crafted successful strategies for them all.

Websites, search engines, email campaigns and social media feeds need content. Good content speaks to people how they want to be spoken to, when they want to hear it. Research shows that people actually do want to know about the value you provide.

73% of consumers say that regularly receiving useful information from an advertiser is the
most important attribute when selecting a brand.

80% of people enjoy learning about a company through custom content.

What better way to inform people than to communicate with them directly?

Content builds your site’s digital infrastructure as it engages in a conversation with your customers. Creating good content can be as simple as posting to Facebook or building a static website page that interests your customers and search engines. It may combine copywriting and photography, or use only video. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to creating content. Each of our clients is unique, with different opportunities to focus on. There is, however, one rule of thumb that applies to everyone.

No matter what type of content is created (or which channels it is published and promoted through), all good content has one thing in common:


Businesses that produce valuable content enjoy a greater appeal to audiences, increased brand recognition, and attract more prospects. Brands that invest in personalized content creation enjoy these benefits:

56% higher response and engagement rates
47% more timely and relevant interactions
44% greater customer affinity and word of mouth
43% conversion of more customers
40% higher loyalty and retention

Content’s power lies in its ability to reach people where they are and spread information, establish authority, and stay connected. Great content can be adapted across many channels to reach various audiences. Understanding content’s lifecycle and how it is distributed is key to creating the most value for your customers and your business.

We believe planning the bulk of a year’s major content upfront is always the best approach. Because we value preparation, our customers enjoy peace of mind, knowing that everything we do at Outside Communications is intentional.

We create high quality content that includes:


Web pages, blog posts and email blasts

Video Production

A powerful tool in content creation

Graphic Design

Infographics and the ability to make everything you do look great


Purchased, contracted and in-house possibilities for all occasions

The Content Lifecycle






Our clients’ plans are based on their digital marketing goals and budgets. While many content pieces scheduled for the year ahead are straightforward and as simple as an article promoting a New Year’s Eve event, other pieces may require more preparation. Most types of video content require a great deal of production work before they are actually published online. Excellent written content might take only six to eight hours to write, but it’s always better when that time is broken up over a week or two to give our copywriter time for ideas to marinate. Intensive research and thorough review processes also require time, and original art such as infographics may also need to be created to complete such content.

Once quality content is created, the publication and promotion processes begin. A single piece of content offers many possibilities. It may be published in a blog, which is then promoted in an email campaign and through social media outlets. The content may next be promoted through a link campaign as a long-term SEO tactic.

If the content warrants, promotion through display advertising or boosting the post on social media can give it extra life and earn more ROI. An additional push by running ad campaigns on search engines or perhaps niche advertising on various social media may be appropriate for some clients. But, simple works best for many.

Once the publication and promotion processes run their courses, there are times when updating great content provides additional traffic and adds to the ROI.

Adding new information to existing, high-quality content and republishing it is an easy way to effectively reach more fans and customers. Because the content is updated with new information, people are receiving additional value, and reposts often perform very well. Plus, if search is a priority, Google loves updated content. While the benefits from other marketing forms wane over time, good content on the web can prove beneficial for years.

Let’s Create!

Content creation is a necessary and constantly evolving aspect of digital marketing. As part of your team, we tailor our services to meet your needs. You may use our content creation services by the job or contract with us for annual services. Together with our programmers, designers, writers, and media team members, Outside Communications is prepared to offer a full-service solution for your content creation needs.

Do you have questions about content creation or digital marketing?
We would love to hear from you!

Contact us to see how we might be able to help!

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