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MCNW Brand Evolution and Website Update

Marketing Concepts Northwest (MCNW) is a manufacturer’s representative with over 60 years of expertise in product placement, both through traditional retail stores and online selling. They have considerable experience with traditional retail brands such as Kroger (formerly Fred Meyer), Bi-Mart and Costco.

However, the industry has been evolving–traditional retailers increasingly need their products to sell through online retailers, like Amazon. What used to be a completely local business was now stepping into a digital landscape that would open up big opportunities with customers all over the country. A strong digital presence would allow MCNW to connect with their customers both regionally and beyond.

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A Vision for MCNW’s Digital Potential

Like many organizations that partner with us, MCNW needed a new digital footprint. To launch this effort, we first had a conversation with MCNW’s leadership to explore and extract what potential this digital infrastructure could realize for their business. Their brand would now have many more eyes on it; the digital infrastructure had to support that new visibility, and expand MCNW’s ability to provide their peerless expertise to a vast arena of new customers.

With this vision in mind, we got to work on the first step: creating a new website and brand experience that could set the stage for the future of the brand’s expansion and evolution.

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Design Goals and Features

MCNW’s leadership wanted a website that looked good, operated perfectly and was scalable. The intention was for the website to be a launchpad for future marketing efforts, so it needed to be a site they could be happy with for years to come. The development of this new website was also a good opportunity to refresh their brand experience.

The company had previously gone through a web build that involved the use of pre-made templates, which can often create a number of design constraints. To avoid these constraints, our team created mockups of every web template and stand-alone page and reviewed them together with MCNW leadership. With their input, we revised the pages until everyone was happy with the outcome.


  • Full site design, custom-built in WordPress
  • Company overview video from partner company VideoPro
  • New logo
  • Refined brand copy

“When we first started with this process, our goal was to really refresh our entire website. To put ourselves in a position where we take our best talents and make sure they’re reflected in the website, in our logo, in everything we do.”

“Outside Communications walked our entire team through the process of how to develop this new website and how it could be very usable for our business model…The end result is a website with [an] embedded video that we’re really pleased with. It really came out well, and it really tells the story about why someone should seek us out and hire us.”

– Ron Brake, Vice President, Marketing Concepts Northwest

MCNW now adeptly serves its customers both in-store and online, regionally and nationwide.

mcnw services page designed by outside communications