Airefco Dealer Meeting

Airefco is a leading wholesale distributor of HVAC products. Every year a meeting is held exclusively for Airefco’s Carrier and Bryant product dealers. With over 3500 customers, events like these are important for Airefco to help communicate overall goals, release new products and provide the training necessary to put the whole organization in a position to succeed. Through these gatherings, Airefco helps companies reach their potential for success through keynotes and breakout sessions on subjects ranging from understanding product options to marketing their business. For this year’s event, the OC team was invited to help build out and capture this very important event.

Airefco awards ceremony facing the stage

behind the scenes setting up to film interviews for the Airefco event feature videos

segment of the Airefco 2019 callsheet with times, crewmembers, locations and role descriptions

Pre-Event Planning

For this year’s event, we produced opening videos for to introduce the event. In addition, we helped with branding, theme wording and communication for the event; filmed the entire live event; took group photos for the event’s award winners; and provided a gallery of finished videos for Airefco’s use. In order to bring together all the moving pieces and make sure the event filming ran smoothly, much pre-production and logistical planning was needed!

Several months in advance, we began planning internally and working with Airefco and the venue’s event staff. We met with Airefco to understand their needs and purpose for the event and the video collateral, presented ideas based on that purpose, and came up with an action plan that would provide Airefco with all of the tools and resources necessary to accomplish their goals.

We worked closely with Airefco’s director of marketing to develop event branding, plan photography, and determine what we’d film and how we would approach all aspects of recording the event. We also met with the venue’s event and audio visual staff to ensure we were cleared to come in, plug into the sound system, and be present to capture the entire live event. We scouted the venue and the surrounding area and built a call sheet with detailed guidelines for the video and photography crew. From parking and set up time, to food breaks, to placement and timing for each of the four cameras, we planned out every detail of the event so there would be no doubts or questions when it was go-time.

oc crew putting equipment together. producer, director of photography and gimbal camera operator

Filming and Post Production

On the first day of the event, the video crew had the opportunity to walk through the venue and become familiar with the locations for all presentations and videos. The video crew manned three main cameras and one gimbal camera. Out in the lobby, we set up studio lights and a backdrop for photography. With a detailed call sheet to follow with flexibility as needed, the team successfully filmed the event and captured group photos.

Every film clip captured for the event was sorted into a catalogue and entered into a detailed Excel spreadsheet. Clips were easily pulled from the catalogue and made into videos. After the event, we were able to provide Airefco with sharp-looking password protected albums of the 33 videos created for ongoing use. We also used the varied event clips to create save-the-date videos for Airefco’s 2020 event.

By listening to and understanding Airefco’s needs and goals, we helped them grow and shape their goals and purpose, exceeding their expectations and becoming a trusted partner for future projects. Being able to provide value for Airefco and see them become more successful is exciting, and they are already looking forward to branding, video, and event improvements for next year. Intentional planning and collaboration with Airefco led to a seamless process, a successful event, and a well-received finished product.

a camera crew interviewing a man at the airefco distributor event

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