Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard Video

The Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard is Tuscan-style getaway on 42 acres of rolling hills and vineyards overlooking the breathtaking Willamette Valley. We were honored with the privilege of providing video production services that  highlighted the inn’s luxurious guest experience. The completed video assets and captured footage would be used on the Black Walnut website and in various online campaigns.

In this collaborative project, we worked with the client from ideation and script development to editing and repurposing content.

view of Black Walnut Vineyards in sunshine overlooking Willamette Valley

behind the camera screen filming a breakfast table at the Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard

location scouting photo example

Pre-Production and Filming

Before filming, emails, phone calls, and an on-location walkthrough gave us the key pieces needed to pull off an efficient and successful shoot day. We looked into everything from the length and content of the script to available space for production equipment and important amenities to highlight.

The day of the shoot, we began with filming the crafting of a delicious breakfast in realtime. Our mouths were watering at the sights and smells of their in-house culinary magic! We filled the rest of the day methodically filming the sights and experiences of a day at the Black Walnut. While many of the shots were filmed on a tripod or monopod, we chose to use a gimbal for select moving shots, to add polished movement and help pull viewers into the experience. As the camera “walks” through the dining room or towards the balcony, we wanted viewers to not just see a pretty location, but come one step closer to imagining themselves there. Our filming day wrapped up on schedule in the evening, with a cozy gimbal shot around the fire pit.

a lightmeter app reading inside a downstairs room of the Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard

behind the scenes of Rachel Jones with camera pointing out the back window at the Black Walnut

Project Wrap Up

With beautiful video assets in hand, we began the edit, working in collaboration with the client to achieve their goals. While we’ve shot lots of drone footage, we were able to leverage the client’s drone video assets to further make the best use of the client’s budget, while maintaining the level production value merited by the project. With music and narration, the full experience video came together well within budget and at a level of production value that we could be proud. Most importantly, the finished product fully met the client’s needs.

As we’d planned in the beginning of the project, we cataloged the video assets for longevity and additional use. So far this has provided all the creative assets needed for a video header for the Black Walnut Website and several Facebook ad campaigns. By thoughtfully planning out our filming for diverse uses, we have been able to repurposing high-quality content to help the client better meet their budget while exceeding ongoing marketing goals.