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Alit Wines, a winery from the Wilamette Valley in Dundee, Oregon, approached us to help them develop a website for selling wine. As you can imagine, the complexities of providing a beautiful, brand-centric site to meet wine regulations and fulfill orders gave us a fun challenge, to say the least! The team at Alit was truly awesome to work with. They were focused and brand-conscious, and their relentless approach worked well with our culture at Outside Communications. Nothing is impossible, right?

It was important for the Alit team to have full control of the site after the project reached completion. Development costs were also a concern. Because of these things, we felt the a website built on WordPress would be perfect for their needs.

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E-commerce and Fulfillment

The most significant aspect of the project was the development of the ecommerce and fulfillment side of the site. And because of all the variables that go into selling wine online, it was also the most complex part of the project. Our solution? We used WordPress for the initial client interaction, and a third-party fulfillment partner that Alit already had in place to complete the online orders.

Transferring the brand to a very constrained third-party app proved a hefty challenge, compounded by getting the third-party app to fulfill orders in the way the Alit team envisioned. In the end, the solution worked. Today, Alit is selling wine in all states that allow it.

We think they look pretty good doing it, too. 😉

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