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Daimler Diversity and Inclusion Website

Daimler Trucks North America is an industry-leading commercial vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We were approached by their Diversity and Inclusion department to develop a website and provide ongoing content creation support. Their collaborative workflow and creative vision for this project was a great fit for working with our team.

The goal of the website would be to help current and future employees feel welcome, safe, and know that DTNA is a great place to work for all kinds of people. The site would also act as a tool to connect the various communities and locations within DTNA. To facilitate this, we developed an initial design, and accessible segments for various ongoing content creation efforts. These would include blog posts, campaigns, monthly features, videos, written content and photography. We were excited to see the project through and help facilitate the ongoing content needs.

Entire Homepage of Daimler Trucks North America Diversity and Inclusion Website designed by Outside Communications

daimler trucks north america diversity and inclusion contact webpage designed by outside communications

Design Goals

The DTNA D&I team wanted a warm site, but it still needed to honor the Daimler brand. Together we worked through our wireframe process until the look and feel was right. It is always fun to collaborate on projects where so many variables matter.

We decided to go with a design theme of circles and rounded organic elements. Not only did this integrate well with the logo for the D&I department, but it also added the personalized and informal feel our client wanted to convey, while still balancing the appropriate professionalism of DTNA. We also wanted a unified design, and this approach brought together a variety of elements across the homepage and the site.

Another significant part of our strategy for personalization would be to utilize photos of real Daimler folks. This site would showcase real people, and photography would tell that human story the best. From the “Get Involved” page to the “Be Informed” page, the site came alive with the faces of real Daimler employees that are making a difference.

Daimler trucks north america diversity and inclusion get involved webpage designed by outside communications

daimler trucks north america diversity and inclusion website be informed resource page designed by outside communications


An important element of the site was the calendar. Across DTNA, multiple employee resource groups (ERG’s) and employee resource clubs (ERC’s) hold events that build community internally and impact the external community. We were tasked with creating a calendar where multiple groups and clubs could share events across DTNA locations including Portland, Detroit, Fort Mill and Mexico.

Diversity and inclusion website calendar designed by outside communications

Content Creation

In addition to design and development of the site, we are continuing to help DTNA create content to populate various sections of the site. This has included campaigns, photography, and videos.

For their main feature video, we had the privilege of collaborating with roughly 300 unique and diverse DTNA employees. We really appreciated their can-do attitude and drive for excellence. Be sure to check out our DTNA D&I Feature Video case study to watch the video!

Ongoing content videos highlighted different teams and individuals. The teamwork and collaborative spirit between DTNA team members was extended to us on every project. For each video that would be linked on the website, we took a photo of the folks involved, to keep the homepage items fresh, relevant and personal.

It has been exciting to be a part of the process, watching the website come alive!

In the end, we designed and developed a beautiful and functional website for DTNA’s Diversity and Inclusion department. We were grateful for the opportunity to work with visionary and talented folks at Daimler Trucks North America. It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with people who thought both creatively and critically to make something both beautiful and purposeful. Another happy customer later, we’re excited to keep pushing the envelope of website functionality and appearance.

daimler trucks north america diversity and inclusion main blog page designed by outside communications

daimler trucks north america diversity and inclusion website campaign listing page designed by outside communications