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Healthy Home is a consumer services company that provides environmental testing for homeowners. When we began the project, Healthy Home was a startup, so we got to dig into their services and help create the brand. Who were they targeting? How big of a service area would they offer? What would their pricing structure look like? Once the blanks were filled in, we began the process of designing and developing the website. We chose to develop Healthy Home on WordPress, with a Woocommerce store for ease of implementation and a strong ecommerce solution.

There are a number of challenges that go into trying to make a young company look respected online. First, there is no existing content to leverage for depth within the site. Second, social proof–a very important part of converting in consumer services–doesn’t yet exist.

During the course of the project, OC copywriters wrote about 7500 words for the various services and essential landing pages. We wanted the site to be informative and rich with content, while communicating authority and trust. We further expanded the depth of the site by making the blog a priority.

When Healthy Home performed work, we would immediately follow up with a case study-type blog post. Along these lines, social proof was beginning to show up with Google, Home Advisor and the Better Business Bureau. We wasted no time in leveraging those reviews, bringing them front and center on the site.

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The Healthy Home e-commerce solution included thirteen initial testing services for lead, radon, asbestos and mold. The e-commerce solution itself was pretty straight forward. The real challenging came with the calendar.

Scheduling at the time of purchase was essential, and required a tailored a solution to fit their needs. Our custom programming accommodated scheduling variables that included different job lengths and considerations for resource limits, both human and equipment.

At the end of the day, we were grateful for the opportunity to work with Healthy Home, and provide them with a website and ecommerce solution to serve their needs, in a way that we could be proud of as well.

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