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Omega Morgan Website

Omega Morgan is a global leader in specialized transportation, machinery moving and offers crane services with offices in Portland, Seattle and Calgary. Their clientele includes manufacturers, power generation companies, general contractors, and logistics providers.

Omega Morgan approached us to make sure their site would look and function properly. At the same time, they wanted the technical ability to rank well in search results. They also wanted a more accessible site, to offer internal employees and external contractors an easy to use and scalable web platform.

To accomplish this, Outside Communications built the new site on WordPress. WordPress offers decreased programming costs due to the vast array of offered plugins. It is the most supported open source website environment in the world. At Outside Communications, we have been able to achieve cutting edge web builds with WordPress, and thus felt comfortable with this solution for Omega Morgan.

In developing Omega Morgan’s custom theme, we included branding elements from their previous site. Our team was tasked with creating a new user interface and experience elements. All along the way, our technical focus stayed on search optimization capabilities.

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Service Pages

The four major services that Omega Morgan offers–specialized transport, machinery moving, millwright services, and crane services–are considered individual business types by many companies. As such, offering enough information for visitors without compromising the user experience proved an important consideration. Our other goal was to make all service pages easily accessible, with minimum required clicks. To meet this need, our development team created a custom sub menu and coded a tabbed menu for easy navigation to all the service pages.

An important part of the build included the ability to feature and connect case studies to the service pages. Through custom coding and URL page structures, Omega Morgan now pulls in case studies from databases specific to services. Each case study lives under the service itself, offering a big boost for search optimization.

Blog posts were also connected to the service page to offer users additional information. The custom coding on the service pages leverages WordPress’s already robust blogging categories. This feature not only offers a nice addition to the page for the user, but also associates the service with the corresponding blog category for search.

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Contact Forms

At the most basic level, contact forms allow potential customers to get in touch with a business. While this is an important element to any site, Omega Morgan customers use these forms in ways that many don’t. is used as a hub for clients to upload plans, photos and specifications for projects. It offers a great platform for moving projects forward in a more efficient way and sharing files that are too large for email. Each form is connected to its respective office location, which also becomes conversion tracking points within Omega Morgan’s site analytics.

Our team at Outside Communications is very fortunate to work with clients like Omega Morgan. Thanks Erik, Mark and team for trusting us with such an important part of your business!

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