The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
Phil Jackson

About Us

The OC Team began as freelancers collaborating on marketing, branding and advertising projects in 2012 and formally organized in January 2015. We began creating professional websites, shooting product/content videos and copywriting for businesses in the outdoor industry. As our business has grown, we currently work with and have had the opportunity to work with a broad array of businesses to include restaurants, performance supplements, residential services, marine, industrial services and manufacturing.

We know each of our customers requires exclusive solutions. While every client is unique, the core needs across all industries remain the same. Businesses need their websites to be found by customers and fans. They need their marketing materials to appear modern and make a favorable impression on customers. Companies need to stay relevant in a fast-moving world.

As members of the OC Team, we continue to rely on the wealth of skills and knowledge we’ve accumulated through decades of individual experience. Our collaborative efforts focus on understanding who you are as a business and helping you succeed. We love seeing our clients thrive!

Opportunities to communicate outside the four walls of your business are exploding in new and exciting ways every day. We exist to help you bridge the gap between you and the outside world. We do it every day, and we love the entire process. Your success fuels our engines.

Latest from the OC blog

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Q&A Rich Results On Google Now Available Through Structured Data!

Google just announced yet another type of rich result to better serve their users: Q&A results. These results will look something like this hypothetical example from Google. Now, through structured data, our answers to...

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Video Call Sheets Destroy “Artistic” Approach

Don’t you love the abstract randomness of postmodern art? Whether it’s colors and shapes painted on a foam canvas or moldy food and fluorescent lights in a plexiglass case, the creations of anti-logic are fascinating. However, while it's great...

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DTNA D&I Website Build

Recently, we had the privilege of building an employee website for Daimler Trucks North America’s Diversity & Inclusion department. We were excited to collaborate with their team on this project. From site design and development to ongoing content creation, we’ve...

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