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Copywriting for Brand

As Mark Twain once said, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

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Communicating your message in a creatively appropriate way is no small task.
This sort of writing takes talent, patience and collaboration. But believe us, the effort is well worth the results, as brand consideration should be at the root of any businesses communication.

Brand copywriting goes beyond good grammar and spelling, though those elements are included! A critical aspect of your brand, your words point to your identity a business.
Put simply, it is your voice, contributing to the deep, often unspoken impression that people have of your company.

Are you formal or friendly? Edgy or classy? Intellectual or silly? Lighthearted or moody? Emotive or technical? Trustworthy or entertaining?

Appropriately branding your words could mean the difference between compelling and repelling the people you want to reach.

Writing for Websites

As a company that builds many websites, creating website copy is a significant part of what we do for our customers. Website builds can be a huge drain on internal resources, and companies often lack the bandwidth or internal talent to take on such a task. It is vital that a site looks and sounds good, but when you have five pages of content to write, can you spare the time and attention each page needs?

From the main landing page to the checkout form, each word needs to be perfect.

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Day-to-Day Content Creation.

For many of our customers, ongoing content creation is a growing area of need. Whether it’s crafting blog posts, an email campaign, or a post on social media, the need for good copy is a big deal. Often, it is a burden that many of our clients can’t keep up with on their own.

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We’re pretty sure that no one would argue against the necessity of customer engagement. Consistent and steady communication is often critical for sustaining business today and attracting tomorrow’s clients. This interaction with our communities and prospective customers is appropriate and profitable business. Whether we’re simply helping you from the sidelines, or tasked with ongoing retainer work, know that Outside Communications is here to partner with you, wherever you are at.

Find Your Words

For businesses that are engaging their communities, connecting with new customers, and building their brand, the ability to communicate effectively, efficiently and consistently is an ongoing need. While there are many ways to tackle it, communicating via well-written and appropriate copy shouldn’t have to be a burden.

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