If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
Stanley Kubrick

Video Production

Video is a powerful tool in marketing and communications. Videos bring ideas, products and services to life in a unique and compelling way. Well done video production can be the difference between garnering the attention you need and not having your message heard at all. Here are a handful of key areas where we help you tackle the world of video:

Live Event and Corporate Recordings

Share, spread, promote, and re-visit your event online and in promotional material.

Events Montage

Airefco Dealer Meeting

Daimler Trucking North America – Diversity & Inclusion

Feature Videos

Feature videos come in a variety of forms, ranging from 30-second advertising snippets to product reviews to inspiring short-form documentaries.

Lacey DeWeert

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Porsche GT3

Rylan’s Story

River Feet

Company Overview Videos

Corporate videos tell your company’s story. They are not dry, biographical documentaries. They are:

  • short and compelling
  • targeted toward a specific audience
  • for a clearly defined reason

We work closely with you to determine your audience and the message you want to convey. We combine cinematic techniques with the power of storytelling to show why you are the right choice for your customers.

St. Stephen’s Academy

Creo Chocolate

Alaska King Salmon Adventures

Training Videos

We leverage video’s strengths to develop training videos that get your message across clearly and painlessly. Training videos allow you to:

  • Share details internally with team members
  • Help clients understand how to use a product
  • Explain a process or feature to others


E6X Rod Sales Training

Sentinel Control Products

Maxima Line-Tying

While we have mentioned a handful of video offerings, this list is by no means comprehensive. What are your video needs? Drop us a line and let’s make it happen!

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