Website Design

Website Design

Attractive website content combined with design that is appealing, intuitive and easy to use helps retain visitors and convert them into fans, leads and paying customers.

A healthy web design strategy results in an attractive interface that offers a satisfying user experience while targeting several goals, including:

Brand communication

Compatibility across all devices

Intuitive and easy navigation

Creating conversions

We have all experienced some version of the following scenario:

I am searching for a tax consultant for our company. I type “tax consultant for businesses” into Google and peruse the results. I click the first result, and the second, quickly scanning several websites. One is frustrating to navigate, and another looks as if a personal CPA incidentally does a little business consulting on the side.

I need a specialist, so I keep looking. I find a few business tax consultants. The first site appears old. It features only a single photo of the consultant and reads like a robot wrote its content. The second site’s colors are loud and obnoxious. Its pages are crowded and read like a made-for-TV ad.

The third site is clean and inviting. Its pages and blog posts communicate knowledge and experience. Its imagery conveys confidence and videos highlight the consultant’s capabilities. I easily click through all the site’s pages and enjoy its interactive elements. The social proof is connected and, in an instant, I’m comfortable.

I’ll definitely include this company in our company’s considerations.

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. As you already know, this scenario is not unique to services. This story could be re-told through the eyes of someone looking for office supplies, travel arrangements, or machine parts.

Many of us write off poorly designed websites even if they offer services or products on par with more attractive websites. It is vital to create an appealing website when more than 1 in 3 (38%) visitors leave if they find your content or layout unattractive.

At first, you may think abandoning a site is a reflection of how appearances affect human emotions. This is true, but our hesitancy to trust is more than an emotional response to poor aesthetics. Many of us learned through experience to trust only those businesses who take the time and care to design an attractive, friendly website over those thrown together with little thought or effort.

Why? The care and attention you put into website design is a reflection of how much you care about what you do as a business, and, in turn, how much you care about those you serve.
Your care shows in every aspect of what you do.

Don’t do yourself the disservice of putting on a digital face that does not accurately represent the heart and soul of your business.

Work with us to cultivate a winning design that conveys an accurate sense of who you are.

Design Process

Clients of all sizes from many industries come to Outside Communications with varying needs.

Although web design is the first step in building a website for many, for us it comes after a discovery phase of sinking our teeth into your project and learning how to see the world through your eyes.

The discovery phase, which works much like our branding process, is a deep dive into the unique needs of your project. What are your website’s business goals? What is your company’s culture? What is your unique value proposition, and who are your customers? Who is your competition? We’ve honed a process that delves into the heart of your business and brings forward your best qualities.

The discovery phase for our smaller clients may last only 5-10 hours, while a larger client might want us to spend considerable time understanding their business, customers, and competition to the point of successfully completing the entire branding process.

After the discovery phase equips us with a strong foundation for understanding your business world and goals, we move into the visual realm of design. This is where content creation, user experience and graphic design come together to visually establish the website elements our programmers will develop into reality.

This phase also looks different for our various clients. It can be quick for those looking to generate a basic custom site. Sometimes, a client knows exactly what kind of site they want, and we are able to chime in with suggestions. The project designer is given marching orders, and soon our client is reviewing wireframes of various site templates. Wireframes are visual outlines of how a site will appear when it’s final. A basic site might include a homepage, second level page, blog page and blog listing page. Simple stuff, right? Colors, fonts and layouts are functional and look great.

For more elaborate projects, we also spend considerable time on site behaviours, elements such as custom-created infographics, and individual page elements that are not part of any template. We might arrange photography shoots, write heaps of content, and coordinate a video series. We may also build additional page templates for different site areas, establishing visual diversity and a more engaging experience for the visitor. Elaborate sites are fun to design, and the qualitative nature of these projects are amazing to watch develop.

Throughout the entire design process, our clients are kept informed and are collaborated with as much or as little as desired. Some clients are part of every aspect of site design, while others prefer to see it only after it’s complete. Either way, at the end of this phase, we generate .psd files, arrange images, collect behavioral instructions, and organize written copy to form a complete package. We hand the package over to our programmers who then develop the work into the beautiful site we all imagined together.

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